We hear children read in many ways.  We hear them individually, in shared reading and in groups but we teach reading through Guided Reading sessions.  This strategy involves children of the same ability being placed in groups and taught different objectives.  It promotes dialogue-based learning with teacher and children and allows for focused activities based on decoding and comprehension.  Children throughout the school are working in guided reading groups.

During guided reading activities pupils explore and discover a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. It is hoped that regular guided reading sessions will allow the children to develop higher order reading skills which they can then apply in their independent reading. The sessions allow the pupils to explore and enjoy books in greater depth.

"In the past, teachers spent a great deal of time hearing pupils read individually. Some still do and there are major benefits for some pupils, particularly those whose reading skills are below the expected level. However, over recent years, the benefits of shared and guided reading approaches have been recognised as more effective ways to model and teach the reading process for the majority of pupils. Shared and guided reading are important elements of the active and specific teaching of reading that should be present in all classrooms. These strategies are relevant to readers of all stages and abilities and should form part of every teacher’s repertoire of teaching approaches. " ESTYN, September 2011 

More able readers: The following book lists have been supplied by pupils and parents/carers.


The list below has been suggested as 'good reads' for boys!

  • Jack Stalwart Autor Elizabeth Singer-Hunt (13 books)

  • The Dinosaur Cove Series Author Rex Stone

  • The Bare Bum Gang Series Author Anthony McGowan

  • Switch Series Author Ali Sparkes

  • Oli and Skipjacks Tales of Trouble by Ceci Jenkins

  • Wil Solvit Author Zed Storm

  • Super Powers Author Alex Cliff

  • Wild rescue Author J. Burchett and S. Vogler

  • Gargoylz Author Burchett and Vogler

  • Football Academy Author Tom Palmer

  • Rangers Apprentice Author John Flanagan

  • Brother Bond by John Flanagan

  • Young Samurai Author Chris Bradford


The following list was suggested as 'good reads' for girls!

  • All by Author Holly Webb

  • Lost in the Snow

  • Alfie All Alone

  • Lost in the Storm

  • Sam the Stolen Puppy

  • Max the Missing Puppy

  • Timmy in Trouble

  • The Secret Puppy

  • The Lost Puppy

  • Harry the Homeless Puppy

  • Alone in the Night

  • Oscar's Lonely Christmas

  • Smudge the Stolen Kitten

  • The Frightened Kitten

  • The Magical Adventure Series:

  • Ponymagic

  • Catmagic

  • Dogmagic

  • Hamstermagic

  • Rabbitmagic

  • Birdmagic

Thank you to the children and parents for contributing these book lists.