Estyn Inspection Report

The School was inspected in June 2018 and are pleased to have been rated as 'Good' in all 5 inspection areas. 

The report praised the school for being a "safe and happy place where all pupils are valued and cared for". Stating that: "The school provides strong, caring leadership and promotes effective team working amongst staff, governors and pupils. All teachers and adults promote positive behaviour and they treat all pupils with dignity and respect.

"They have high expectations of pupils. As a result, nearly all pupils, particularly those with additional learning needs, make good progress in their learning."

The report also said: "Pupils, staff, governors, parents and carers are very proud of their school and its achievements. Nearly all pupils influence school improvement through committees and pupil groups. As a result, they develop into confident, ambitious and ethically informed citizens.

"The quality of teaching is good and teachers plan lessons that are creative, interesting and stimulating. They use the outdoor learning environment well to enhance and engage pupils throughout the school. The school promotes pupils’ understanding of their Welsh culture and heritage well through its curriculum and activities."

 Please follow the link to read the inspection report.

Elwyn Davies